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Keeper of Pleas

2018 edition




Keeper of Pleas Book 3

Gavriel Sévère lost his office as coroner for a murder he didn’t commit, and the use of his legs for a murder he did. His accomplice and wife, Olivia, has disappeared without a word. When she returns, she’s not the woman he came to know.

She barely even speaks.

As Sévère struggles to find out what happened to Olivia, wealthy men begin to die in London’s darkest alleys. Each body is marked with a peregrine falcon, and each new victim has an uncanny effect on his wife.

Chapter 1


a dark dystopian fantasy trilogy


The Last Prophecy

On summer solstice, the last Shield shall emerge from the depths of Earth and meet her Death. The last Blade shall mark her as his own.

Blood shall flow and time shall cease, calling forth the One Darkness.

Only if All that lies Between reunites with the End and Beginning shall the Scytha rise again and the One Darkness be defeated.

I once believed that the entire world is a dungeon cell and an endless corridor beyond. The only creatures are Mother, me, our jailers, the rats and insects. Water lives in a cup, and light atop a torch. Darkness blankets everything. And pain is like breathing.

I don’t know what I expected when I clawed my way out of the dungeons. But I didn’t expect the sheer terror, the vastness of world and pain, of light and darkness.

I didn’t expect to meet Death within heartbeats of my escape.

Or that there is an arcane power buried within me that can rip the fabric of time.

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