Chicks on Bikes

I’m so happy to see women of the 1890s on bikes, grinning like fools, and enjoying a much freer life than only a decade or two earlier. They wore comfy knickerbockers instead of skirts or gowns that weighed twenty pounds or more. And look! Ankles are visible and no one faints!

Read Brainpickings‘ take on how bicycles empowered women and the dos and don’ts for women on bicycles in the 1890s.

For a flood of historical images, check out my Kronberg Pinterest board, and Kim’s 1890s Boston Pinterest board.

And then there’s the Cosmopolitan on women bicyclists: “The woman who dons her knicker­bockers and her gaiters and spins out into the open country (…) will become mistress of herself, as of her wheel, no longer a victim to hysterics, no longer seeking for unhealthy excitement, a rational, useful being restored to health and sanity.” (whole article here).

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